Never Stop Learning

JACS Trainer PD was created to make it easy for trainers to get access to a range of courses to help build their skills whilst still being able to mange their learners.  Our courses are designed with ease of access, flexible times, responsive to a range of devices and providing the tools need to implement what you learn.

At our heart is the belief in live long learning and simplicity when it comes to managing RTO compliance. Our packages make it easy for any size RTO to provide cost effective professional development for trainers. We provide short courses in a range of categories to allow your trainers to study the courses to support their individual training needs.

Forget the one course fits all strategy and give your trainers what they need without shopping around for providers, we have something for trainers at all levels. If you are moving to an online model for your college help your team get skilled in using online technologies. Trainers who are new to RTO’s may need support with RTO standards and industry best practices, or you may have a presenter who needs to get more engaging.

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